SAMADHAN (समाधान)
Cantonment Board Lucknow / छावनी परिषद् लखनऊ

Welcome to SAMADHAN CB-Lucknow / समाधान छावनी परिषद् लखनऊ में आपका स्वागत है
Date / दिनाँक : Thursday 25 Apr, 2019
About SAMADHAN CB-Lucknow Android Smartphone App

Samadhan App is an initiative by Cantonment Board Lucknow to empower and strengthen the citizens of Lucknow Cantonment to report grievances, evaluate the service delivery and accessing other services of Cantonment Board through mobile. This App allows Lucknow Cantonment residential to post their complaints like SANITATION, STREET LIGHT, WATER SUPPLY, ENCROACHMENT, UNAUTHORIZED CONSTRUCTION, TAX, REVENUE, etc. All complaints automatically gets directed to the concerned departments and complainants are informed and updated from time to time about the status and resolution of their complaints. This App will meet out the mandate of Lucknow Cantonment Board towards citizen centric service delivery and collecting their satisfaction of services received. This App can be used 24X7.

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